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Montabert Hydraulic Breakers


Montabert is the best option to protect your investment

  • Maximum protection of the excavator thanks to its patented mechanisms.

  • High resale value due to the longevity and reliability for which Montabert products are famous.

Power and versatility: whether you are breaking rock or concrete, or are excavating, Montabert hydraulic breakers guarantee optimum performance for all your projects.

The choice of a Montabert hydraulic breaker is an investment which will maximize the profitability of your work.


The Montabert Silver Clip is designed to be used on all types of carriers from micro, mini, midi excavators to backhoe loaders. Robustness, power and adaptability are the key features of the Silver Clip product range which will enable you to carry out several jobs easily with a single operator and a single machine on the construction site.


The Silver Clip range has a single-piece body with no tie rods that could potentially stretch or break, resulting in downtime (patented). The breaker has blank fire protection as standard to help minimize impact wear. An automatic pressure regulator increases the lifespan of the breaker and to protect the excavator (patented).


High power and performance: the energy ratio is higher than all current standards on this range of breakers, enabling optimal efficiency regardless of the material to be broken. An energy recovery device captures and recycles the rebound energy, making it available for the next impact stroke.


The Silver Clip is easily adaptable to a wide range of excavators while ensuring optimal performance (even with a high back-pressure). Compact dimensions provide excellent ergonomics and make this breaker ideal for any work. Standard noise isolation on the complete product range ensures reduced noise on job sites. 


A compacting plate (Clip Ram) and a Clip Bucket are directly adaptable on the hydraulic breaker without having to modify any hydraulic connection or part (patented) (from SC-8 to SC-28). Easylub greasing (SC-50). Pressurization kit for underwater work.

Medium & Heavy Breakers   THE 'V' SERIES

The medium range of breakers with 1 speed (501 NG, 700 and 900) covers all excavators between 8 and 25 tonnes in weight, offering reliability and solutions to the customer’s needs.

The heavy range is designed to be used on excavators over 18 tonnes, for demolition work, in mines, pits and for tunnel excavation as well as public works.

This range offers the choice between two patented systems which guarantee high productivity:

  • A system with 15 variable speeds (BRV system) which automatically adjusts to the ground conditions.

  • A system with two automatic speeds (V1200, V1800, V2500, V3500 and V4500), ideal to break up homogeneous materials.


Their reliable design ensures downtime is kept to a minimum, thus minimizing operational costs and lengthening the lifespan of the breaker and the excavator.

Blue Line Breakers   THE 'BLUE LINE' SERIES


… no compromise on quality.


Best steel quality is the basis, then comes the high manufacturing accuracy with the main components made in Europe. Finally the complete product is assembled and tested in our high tech European facilities. Quality means reliability and durability: Blue Line breakers deliver long hours of rock-breaking… and give you peace of mind.

BLUE LINE, a breaker that hits hard...

...using technology which ensures maximized efficiency: 

  • Perfect mastering of machining tolerances that increase the breaker’s efficiency.

  • The patented main valve controls the piston movement in order to increase the striking power.

  • The energy recovery system increases the striking power using the energy generated by the piston rebound. This system allows an automatic increase of the breaker’s frequency when used on hard materials (no need for manual adjustments).


Efficiency means hitting hard and fast: Blue Line breakers break up all kinds of rocks, even the hardest ones, with maximum power and speed. 


… no risks for the hydraulic circuit or the main structure.

  • The pressure peaks are reduced by the patented design, this prevents damage to pumps and welding cracks due to transmitted stress waves…

  • The suspension system, in the housing version, extends the excavator boom life by absorbing harmful vibrations (High frequency vibrations can be critical for the excavator boom).


No bad surprises or hidden cost, Blue Line breakers operate without damage to the excavator… you save on maintenance costs: your assets are well protected.

Text and images on this page courtesy of Montabert

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