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TBF Thompson is proud to be raising awareness for our official charity partner 2017-19, Huntington’s Disease Association Northern Ireland (HDANI).
What is Huntington's Disease?
Affecting about 12 people per 100,000 of the population, Huntington’s is an incurable disorder that damages certain nerve cells in the brain, leading to a deterioration in movement and cognition.

Who is Affected?
Both males and females with a family history of the disease have a 50% risk of inheritance. Early symptoms, such as altered behaviour, typically start to appear in mid adulthood but Juvenile Huntington’s, a much rarer form, develops before the age of 20. Despite it being so uncommon, hundreds of people in Northern Ireland are living with the condition every day.

How is it Treated?
There is yet no cure for Huntington’s disease and its progress cannot be reversed or slowed down. Current treatments aim to promote independence for as long as possible, helping to manage some of the symptoms such as depression, speech and movement difficulties.

What do HDANI do?
HDANI has been supporting HD sufferers and their families for nearly 30 years. From emotional support and befriending to advice on nutrition and finance, the charity works closely with health and social care professionals to provide a range of much needed services.

HDANI & TBF Thompson
As a small charity, HDANI do not receive any Government funding and relies on a dedicated team of volunteers and fundraising. As official charity partner 2017-2019, we will be organising a number of exciting events to help raise money and awareness, so keep an eye out on our Facebook page and get stuck in!

TBF Staff launch the official charity partnership with Sorcha McGuiness of HDANI (L-R Gary Dobbin, Raymond Crilly, Sorcha McGuinness, Glen Spence and Noel Hanlon)

We wanted to find a small charity that makes a real impact on people’s lives. I have heard first-hand the devastation HD can cause and the constant struggle the charity faces to provide their fantastic services. As the only charity working closely with HD families in Northern Ireland I know that they are a much-needed lifeline for many people. On behalf of TBF Thompson, we are committed to working with our staff and customers to raise as much money and awareness as we can for HD families”. Raymond Crilly, Managing Director

Through this partnership TBF Thompson are shining a light locally on Huntington’s Disease and helping us not only to continue to provide expert support to families but to help the public understand the disease better. HD can cause issues with balance, slurring of speech, jerky movements all of which can be mistaken for someone being drunk which causes great distress to patients and their families so some people will totally avoid leaving the house. Next time you see someone like that just don’t jump to conclusions - could they have HD?” Sorcha McGuinness, HDANI

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