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Hitachi Construction Machinery


Hitachi ZX130.png

Hitachi Mini Excavators

ZX10U-6 to ZX85USB-6

The Hitachi mini excavators offer the same optimal user comfort as well as superior durability, reliability and versatility as our medium and large excavators. Fuel-efficient, providing unrivalled performance and productivity, the mini excavators are an asset to any work site.


Hitachi Medium Excavators

ZX130LCN-7 to ZX350LC-7

Durable, versatile and reliable our range of medium excavators are suited to all types of job sites. The regular models of Hitachi medium excavators are typically used for general construction projects and earthmoving, whereas the larger models can be used for more demanding tasks such as quarrying.

The versatility of Hitachi Zaxis medium excavators is what makes them the most popular machines in the industry.


Hitachi Large Excavators

ZX490LCH-7 to ZX890LCH/LCR-7

A world’s market leader, the range of Hitachi large excavators possess the power and durability to face the most demanding of challenges on a range of worksites including earthmoving, mining and quarrying. Combining engineering excellence and unparalleled build quality, our large excavators are a valuable addition to any fleet.

Browse through our range of large excavators and find your ideal machine.


Hitachi Ultra Large Excavators

EX1200-7 to EX8000-7

Hitachi Construction Machinery is renowned for the 120- to 800-tonne EX mining models (backhoe or front shovel), which have an exceptional loading and excavating capacity. With powerful yet economical engines, on-board satellite communication systems and easily accessible inspection points, you can rely on Hitachi large excavators to work reliably, with low running costs.

ZX155W-7 ZX135W-7.jpg

Hitachi Wheeled Excavators

ZX95W-7 to ZX220W-7

Showcasing a wide range of features, the Hitachi wheeled excavators are designed to optimise operator comfort, whilst controlling their profitability, safety and uptime.

Our industry-leading wheeled excavators deliver outstanding performance and are suitable for all kinds of jobs including groundwork, earthmoving, road construction, and more. The Hitachi range of wheeled excavators includes the highly versatile ZX135W-7ZX150W-7 and ZX155W-7, these machines have unrivalled levels of support over their life cycle.


Hitachi Wheel Loaders

ZW180-7 to ZX310-7

You’re at the heart of Hitachi’s design for its latest range of wheel loaders, also known as front-end loaders. To continuously improve on previous generation machines, we’ve focused on enhancing your experience in the cab as an operator by providing you with a range of high-quality wheel loaders to choose from.


Super Long Front Excavators

ZX130LCN-6SLF to ZX490-6SLF

If you need an excavator to reach further and dig deeper than a standard model, then our wide range of super long front machines offers the perfect solution. They are designed specifically for dredging rivers and lakes, and landscaping.

Text and images on this page courtesy of Hitachi Construction Machinery UK/Europe

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